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15. November 2008 02:57
by Henrik Stenbæk
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arthemia theme ready for BlogEngine

15. November 2008 02:57 by Henrik Stenbæk | 18 Kommentare

CropperCapture[64] Today I have finished adapting Arthemia 2.0 theme by Michael Jubel for BlogEngine.NET. The theme is using cleocn's code for displaying the first image in summary view and Al Nyveldt's code for saving theme preferences.

I'm not sure this could be considered a valid BE 1.4.5 theme: it isn't supporting widgets.

Setup this theme

1. Add descriptions to categories


Go to the categories tab of the admin page and add descriptions to all categories.If you don't want  category to show up in the list simply start the description with an :

Its not possible to have the categories sorted in a custom way.




2. Select categories for Headline and Featured

After logging in, go to the homepage and click the show/hide link next to the Theme Settings text. Select the category to use for the headline and featured section on the FrontPage.


The headline section will show the latest post in the headline category.

The featured section will show all posts in the featured category.

I think its a good idea to create a specific category for the featured items and then manually add/remove the posts you want to show in that section. Only this way you will be able to make sure that the same post will not show up more than one time on the FrontPage.

3. Recent comments

Go to the control section and set the number of recent comments to 4 - remember to scroll down and click the save settings button.


Known errors

The problem is “a minor” bug in the theme ;-)

The Headline and feature will not show if the most resent blog post is not published – when you log-in you will se the unpublished items and the headline/featured will show up again. Until I have the time to fix this please use this workaround:

When writing blog posts that will remain unpublished for some time: set the blogpost date/time to 1/1/2000. Remember to set the date back to the current date when you decide to publish the post.


November 19, 2008
     PostViewFull.ascx changed to use <asp:PlaceHolder ID="BodyContent" ... ></asp:PlaceHolder> and therefore now supporting [ UserControl: ~...]

Preview and download

    * Preview the theme 
    * Download: (50.48 kb)

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BlogEngine.Net Themes

Have to say this is probably my favourite theme you have done so far... I have added it to our list of themes on the forum!  Excellent work please keep it up Smile


Very nice theme....Thank you so much

how do I fill the advert slots on this great theme?

Henrik Stenbaek

Hi ikaran

Good point - I'll make a theme update that will includes fields for advert slots code on the "theme settings" form. Until then:

Open the site.master file

For the top ad locate and replace this line (linie 19 in the released site.master file
<img height="60" width="468" alt="" runat="server" src="~/themes/arthemia/images/banners/wide.jpg"/>

for the side ad locate and replace this line (line 43 in the released version):
<img height="250" width="300" alt="" runat="server" src="~/themes/arthemia/images/banners/square.jpg"/>



Thanks for the prompt reply

That will be great if you could do that….

In the meantime I’ll manually edit the site.master

David Miles

Not sure what is going on - but usercontrols are not being parsed into content of posts and are being rendered in raw mode

Example: I am seeing [usercontrol: ~/user controls/gallery.ascx ImageUrl=~/galleries/MellowYellow;RepeatColumns=6;GenerateThumbnails=false]  in the page instead of a gallery control


This is probably one of the best themes for BE. I love that it totally has a new look / layout that all of the other BE themes seems to lack.

Question: Is there a possibility of the addition of Widgets support for a future version of this theme? If not..
How can i add widgets to the sidebar?

Henrik Stenb&#230;k

Thanks everybody - Your feedback keeps me running...

Ok! I'll make a version that supports widgets ... but not today Smile

If you want to add the widgets yourself and don't want to wait:
place this tag:
<blog:WidgetZone runat="server" ID="rightzone" />
within then <div id="sidebar"> tag (starting line 41 in the download file - I think)

Please be aware that you don't use any of the widget elements that already on the page within the WidgetZone: Recent Comments, Recent Posts, Author List, Page List... etc. All of those render them self with ID's (id="recentComments") and if you have them more than ones on the page you will not have valid HTML - and I'm not sure that all the widget drag-n-drop and edit stuff will work correct.


Thanks for the Widget tips Henrik, really amazing theme!! I look foward to the widget enabled version & future updates. Great work!!!

Very Nice theme. Thanks!


An update on the widget include: It worked like a charm! and couldnt be simpler simply did the following:
1. Loaded up sitemaster.cs
2. created div:

<div id="sidebar-bottom">
<blog:WidgetZone runat="server" ID="rightzone" />
3. You can even create <h3> headers if you wish.

Thanks Henrik for this awesome tip!!
Now i got widgets working and this is indeed the BEST theme for BE so far. Finally a new layout w/ graphics!!



Great theme btw

I have a speed issue with the homepage. When the post numbers start getting large the page takes longer and longer to show. I have noticed this get worse as the number of posts increases. I am now on around 200 posts and have had to temporarly change the theme as the homepage takes up to 5 seconds to display.

It appears to be the Page_Load sub in the PostViewFrontPage.ascx.cs file. Do you think you have time to look at this as I really want to change back to your theme as its perfect for the easy navigation of my content and look the most professional by far. Thanks Craig


Hi Craig and Henrik,

The following code on the PostViewFrontPage.ascx.cs causing the homepage to load slowly:
List<Post> tmp = BlogEngine.Core.Post.GetPostsByCategory(GetCategoryId("Headline"));
            this.Post = tmp[0];

I’ve replaced this with postview control and it is now working extremely well….also I’ve a counter to come out of the forloop

For info please find my Page_Load() method below:
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  string query = Request.QueryString["theme"];
        string theme = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(query) ? query : BlogSettings.Instance.Theme;
    // Begin headline view
    List<IPublishable> HeadlinePosts = BlogEngine.Core.Post.GetPostsByCategory(GetCategoryId("Headline")).ConvertAll(new Converter<Post, IPublishable>(delegate(Post p) { return p as IPublishable; }));
        string hPath = string.Concat(Utils.RelativeWebRoot, "themes/", theme, "/PostViewHeadline.ascx");
    int myCounter1 = 0;
        foreach (Post hPost in HeadlinePosts)
            PostViewBase postView1 = (BlogEngine.Core.Web.Controls.PostViewBase)LoadControl(hPath);
            postView1.ShowExcerpt = true;
            postView1.Post = hPost;
            postView1.ID = hPost.Id.ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty);
            postView1.Location = ServingLocation.PostList;
      if (myCounter1 == 0) break; //total number of headlines to show on the homepage -1
    // end of headline binding


        //begin featured view
        List<IPublishable> Posts = BlogEngine.Core.Post.GetPostsByCategory(GetCategoryId("Featured")).ConvertAll(new Converter<Post, IPublishable>(delegate(Post p) { return p as IPublishable; }));
        //string query = Request.QueryString["theme"];
        //string theme = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(query) ? query : BlogSettings.Instance.Theme;
        string path = string.Concat(Utils.RelativeWebRoot, "themes/", theme, "/PostViewLeft.ascx");

    int myCounter = 0;
        foreach (Post usePost in Posts)
            PostViewBase postView = (BlogEngine.Core.Web.Controls.PostViewBase)LoadControl(path);
            postView.ShowExcerpt = BlogSettings.Instance.ShowDescriptionInPostList;
            postView.Post = usePost;
            postView.ID = usePost.Id.ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty);
            postView.Location = ServingLocation.PostList;
      if (myCounter == 3) break; //total number of featured to show on the homepage -1
    //end featured binding



Hi Ikaran,

so basically i need to change my pageLoad with yours in the PostViewFrontPage.ascx.cs ?



I have a tester account set up at I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get a post in the HEADLINE or FEATURED section.

M.Efe Ozer

Thanks for this nice theme.
I adapted to the website


wow..this is a very cute theme..but i think it's too narrow for big display..

Frank Wong

Great themes. Thanks for above info.


I love this theme, but how do I limit the number of posts displaying on the front page?


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