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17. August 2008 08:01
by Henrik Stenbæk
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When technology matters

17. August 2008 08:01 by Henrik Stenbæk | 1 Kommentare

I’m like a grumpy old man when it comes to “unnecessary” technology in electronic devices, it being a calculator in a keyboard or an Mp3 player in a cell phone. A couple of years ago I actually selected a cell phone only because it was one out of two available in the store without a digital camera in it. 

But yesterday I had this eye opening experience at the train station: There was a deaf girl talking in her mobile phone. She had one of those phones, where one can video broadcast oneself and she was filming herself communicating through sign language. Someone at the end of the line was talking back in the same kind of language. It really made me smile and I realised that for her it wasn’t unnecessary technology, it was the technology that got her able to communicate on the road.

So here is my new point of view: go ask for all the extra features you can come up with when buying electronic devices to have the prices going down. Don’t put in your own opinion on whenever it can benefit somebody; one can never know what technology will benefit who! And by the way: don’t buy iPhone because, as I informed, it don’t have the capacity to make video. Actual if I wanted a lot of attention on this blog post the title of the post should have been:

iPhone discriminate deaf people