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20. Februar 2008 00:58
by Henrik Stenbæk
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New BlogEngine Theme - Dilectio

20. Februar 2008 00:58 by Henrik Stenbæk | 3 Kommentare

I got so much positive feedback for the last theme I adapted for BlogEngine.NET that I decided to do one more. This time I took one of the nicest WordPress themes and “translate” it to BlogEngine.NET… and now its finally ready:

Dilectio was originally designed by Design Disease, and I have –as usual- tried to be true to the original. This means that I haven’t created styles for some of the special BlogEngine.NET elements (tagcloud, calendar,...) when those elements wasn’t in the original design.

Hope you like it.

UPDATE 27. OCT 2008

I have finally updated this theme for BE 1.4.5 - if you already using this theme please download the updated stylesheet: (5.22 kb)

Notice: this theme is still not supporting widgets


19. Februar 2008 23:42
by Henrik Stenbæk
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FlickrRSS user control (for BlogEngine.Net)

19. Februar 2008 23:42 by Henrik Stenbæk | 1 Kommentare

When I started out creating this control my idea was to create a Flickr photo plug-in for BlogEngine.Net but after a while I realised that I could just create a traditional ASP.NET user control for reading RSS streams from Flickr. So here it is:

FlickrRSS.ascx the user control that allows you to display Flickr photos on your weblog, homepage or wherever you have an ASP.NET based web application.

The user control supports user, public and group photostreams.


How to use the control

Download the control (1,96 kb) and unzip the files to your project (FlickrRSS.ascx and FlickrRSS.ascx.cs).

Register the control in the page where you want to show the pictures:

<%@ Register src="FlickrRSS.ascx" tagname="FlickrControl" tagprefix="onesoft" %>

Add the control to the page:
<onesoft:FlickrControl ID="FlickrControl1" runat="server" />


RssType The type of rss read from flickr the options are: User, Group, Allpublic
FlickrId Optional if RssType=Allpublic. Required if RssType is User or Group. This must be a valid Flickr userid or groupid, this is not the same as username or groupname the format is something like 12345678@00,
Tags Optional. a comma separated list of tags with no spaces eg.: Tags="adam,laura" – find photos tagged with Adam AND Laura
NumberOfImages The maximum number of images to appear in the control.
CacheDuration The time in minutes that the RSS result is cached on the server


The control returns a list of thumbnails in the format:


And can easy be formatted with CSS ;-)

<onesoft:FlickrControl ID="FlickrControl1" runat="server" RssType="user"
        CacheDuration="10" FlickrId="34434281@N00" NumberOfImages="8"
        Tags="celina" />

returns this (after some formatting):



Download (1,96 kb)



This control could be better - but how? Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

  • The XML read must be asynchronous

26. Januar 2008 00:40
by Henrik Stenbæk
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New BlogEngine Theme - Bright Side of Life

26. Januar 2008 00:40 by Henrik Stenbæk | 16 Kommentare

Finally I got this theme to work correct with the default BlogEngine.NET setting for “Trim stylesheets”. Until now for some reason the trimming made some of the styles come out bad – but anyway now it is fixed and I’m finally able to release it.

Bright Side of Life was originally designed by styleshout, and I have tried to be true to the original, please notice the coloring of the last part of the titles ;-). Hope you like it.

Download the theme here: (22,03 kb)