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16. Juli 2007 23:38
by Henrik Stenbæk
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Finding a recorder for making screencast

16. Juli 2007 23:38 by Henrik Stenbæk | 3 Kommentare

When starting this blog I know that I wanted to make screen recordings for usability and AJAX “show-off“. So I started looking around for the right software to do the job.

Some of my main demands for that software were:
1. I wanted it to include a navigation bar for start, stop and browse the recorded video
2. I wanted it to make small file as results (at the bottom line I have to pay for the server traffic my self = the bigger files the bigger bill).
3. Due to the fact that I don’t know if I will keep on posting to the blog, I was interesting in keeping the cost of the tool as low as possible.

Camtasia Studio

I started googling for the software and the first tool I ran into was:
Camtasia Studio, it was USD 300 for a license but it got most of what I wanted. So as a starting I downloading the free trail and testing it out.

It turned out that the exported result was a lot of files

The main video is in the cofman.swf file and is nearly 1.5 MB.

The swf file itself didn't include the navigation panel. The navigation was placed in a separate file (..._controller.swf) with the size of 173 kb itself and it was all put together with the javascript and XML files.
When the movie starts up it shows a stupid "created with Camtasia Studio" splash screen - I don't know if this will go away after one had bought a licence - but this wasn't what I expected a all :-)


Then I found CamStudio, a freeware tool that seems to be a little outdated. It had the possibility to include a navigation panel in the swf file, but the layout of it is old fashioned and for the video the total file ends out near 2.0 MB (including the navigation panel)


I ended out buying a license for BBFlashBack Exprerss for only USD 39. It produced the video including navigation panel in a swf file at only 0.2 MB!!

BBFlashBack install itself as a second video card which, according to the user review on, has caused computer problem for people that want to uninstall it… but for now I don't have any plans on uninstall it and it working fine :-). And hopefully I'll bee able to record a lot of usability do and don'ts in the nearest future.