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26. Januar 2008 00:40
by Henrik Stenbæk
16 Kommentare

New BlogEngine Theme - Bright Side of Life

26. Januar 2008 00:40 by Henrik Stenbæk | 16 Kommentare

Finally I got this theme to work correct with the default BlogEngine.NET setting for “Trim stylesheets”. Until now for some reason the trimming made some of the styles come out bad – but anyway now it is fixed and I’m finally able to release it.

Bright Side of Life was originally designed by styleshout, and I have tried to be true to the original, please notice the coloring of the last part of the titles ;-). Hope you like it.

Download the theme here: (22,03 kb)


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Excellent job!

- Well organized layout
- Easy on the eye
- Peaceful colorset

You make theme selection even harder today Wink

René Kuss

Hi Henrik,

this is one of the best themes i've ever seen for

Nice Work Smile


Sam MacDonald

I'm currently working on tracking all the available themes I run across at I've added yours to the list and hope you keep up the good work it looks great.

Paul Tumelty

Fantastic Theme! Thanks a lot for your work on it. Already installed it on my homepage. Now, to modify the graphic Smile

Roberto Briones

Fantastic Theme, is beauthiful ;) Great Job


thanks for this theme -- snagged it for my blog, and I love it!


Thanks for the theme. Smile It really looks very nice. Keep up the good work.



thank you for this theme. In my opinion its the best out there...

Is there a chance you tune it for BE.NET 1.4? If not I would give it a try...



Would be great to see this Theme take advantage of the new WidgetZone in 1.4 or 1.4.5

Henrik Stenbæk

Finally back from holiday Smile It will have my first priority to make a 1.4.5 version of the theme – stay tuned the theme will be ready within a couple of days….


Kids Bible Crafts

I am happy to hear the update is coming.  I have modified it a little bit while I have been waiting.  I am absolutely sure you can do better.  I am definitely not a master of CSS

Look forward to the update.


Extensive SEO

Very Nice Theme! any plans on updating it for 1.4.5


Hi, I'm trying to upgrade to BE 1.4.5.
But this theme seems to have some problem in the "Add comment" area.
It doesn't show correctly Comment and Preview pane and also continously show the ajax "wait icon".
Is there a fix in progress?
Thanks for this good work and sorry for my poor english.


I have used this theme for my blog. Really cool theme.

Good work by Onesoft


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