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27. Oktober 2008 23:04
by Henrik Stenbæk
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Make a wish for a BlogEngine.NET theme

27. Oktober 2008 23:04 by Henrik Stenbæk | 12 Kommentare

Do you have a favorite blog theme that sadly only available to Wordpress or Blogger – now it's time to suggest it for adapting to BlogEngine.NET.

Lately I have been like a drug addict converting Wordpress themes for BlogEngine: I haven’t nearly finish one theme before rushing into the next. Now it has to come to an end! :-) But I won’t stop entirely: I just want to try to slow down and only do one theme a week. And to make sure that I actually converting themes that somebody wants to use I’ll ask you all to suggest your favorite theme by posting a comment to this post including at least a link to the theme preview and/or the theme homepage. At the end of the week I’ll decide what theme to adapt – if this decision is too hard I’ll put up a poll and ask you to vote for the one that I should adapt.

Please remember only to suggest themes released under GPL or CC ShareAlike type of licence, this means that I cannot adapt any commercial themes (mostly named something like “premium theme”).

Happy suggesting

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You know what theme I would love to see inside blog engine?

This is the coolest lifestreaming/microblog/blog I have ever seen. Kind of like Cellar-dark-heat, but I think a bit more advanced...


Also, don't get me wrong, I would love to see celler-dark-heat too!!!


Theme: arthemia2(wordpress free)
Live demo:

David Miles

I would have to nominate the now free "The Original Premium News" theme - it has so many awesome features and would be amazing to see

Find it at

Speed dating

I do not have a wordpress theme in mind because I never used wordpress. But I am looking for one revolved around dating and single life. something with hearts, but a color like purple that can be for men or women. that would be awesome.

Lee Carter

Would love to see the "Atahualpa" theme ( for


If possible I want stardut theme with 3-coloumned.Smile

lionel adams

i uesd alot blogspot but think chance for blogengine .


I would love to have a theme for the Boston Celtics similar to that of

Speed Dating NYC

This is great. I would really like to use the Wordpress theme Eclipse which you can find here:
Please let me know if you ever do convert this theme for Blogengine.

Abdulla Yasir

Jonah's hierarchical menus that can link to pages/posts incorporated into a nice theme.

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