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11. November 2008 21:27
by Henrik Stenbæk
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Work in progress

11. November 2008 21:27 by Henrik Stenbæk | 3 Kommentare

I decided that I would post a little preview from my workbench, since I would not have a lot of time for free-theme creation for the next couple of weeks: I’m struggling with a tight deadline – somebody (mostly me) - need to deliver 400 hours of work before 15th January 2009. So instead of using the nights for theme adapting I have found myself writing Factories and Interfaces all around the clock.

First the good news

as mentioned elsewhere on this blog. I already have finished 90% of the work for BranfordMagazine – and it’s so cool! Please take a look at the screen shoot:


Currently I'm struggling with the category list on the right - the category list is one of my favorite I-don't-link-BlogEngine-elements - together with a lot of the other widgets elements. Before BE 1.4 a theme adapter (or designer) could decide "that this theme will not support this element" when it was to difficult to style; but after the widget-zone every "nice-add-on" need to render correct! Anyway: I have managed to get the BranfordMagazine theme to work without changing anything within BlogEngine.Core, its all rendered from the /Theme folder ;-)

Now the "bad" news

Last Sunday I ended out giving up on last weeks poll winning theme ZinePress. Right now I really can't remember what it was that make me give it up:


Beside that the tag cloud isn't a cloud; it's more like a list ;-) And the footer is looking strange..


It is mostly the calendar - but also the first row: I could get any <blog: controls to render correct! I just came to think that some google ads maybe could look nice.. LOL

Anyway if somebody reading is dying for getting this theme - let me know and I will give it a second try.

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As a fellow web developer I feel your pain with the tight schedules! I just finished a 350hr project in 4 weeks...ah 17hr days with no bonus or time off...

I don't understand why managers can't time manage/schedule work better....even when we have a time management system! lol, sorry for the mini rant there ;)

Out of the 2 themes you have going here I like the look of the BranfordMagazine theme best. It's coming along really well. Great work!


I'm really excited by the BranfordMagazine theme, so I wonder how it's going.



The theme looks very good and I want to know if you are still working on it. I am using a custom theme on and if you finish the theme, I will change mine with it.


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